Greece – Speed visit to Serifos

What can I say? If Sifnos is a not too touristy, Serifos is even less.

We had to include this stop in our 2013 trip due to the difficult ferry schedules from Sifnos to Syros. Not sure what to expect from this island, but this is what we got:

  • Very little developed, smaller than any other island we visited, 10 beaches only, and one village you can call a village.

DSCN9239 DSCN9090 DSCN9140

  • I think we stayed in the most luxurious hotel of the island, with a great pool, great food, great cottages… and so we didn’t leave it that much.
  • The road to the hotel gets flooded in the spring, making the hotel inaccessible by car then.
  • The kids were making friends and used google translator to understand each other.
  • Moving around by cab or on foot as there were no cars for hire on the island… yes… no cars for hire.

DSCN9269 DSCN9267 DSCN9281

  • The beach we visited seemed more dangerous than the ones in Sifnos due to a lot of lose sand at the water line, which made it look like quick sand. Had to pull the kids out.


  • My kids continue to eat Greek salad and Toast (with ham and cheese) as lunch, this time with crisps on the side, which made it the best toast from the trip.


  • My daughter had a tantrum that spanned several hours.

DSCN9163b DSCN9190

  • We did visit the Hora (main village). A quaint little thing on top of the highest hill of the island. After exploring the place, we sat down for a drink. And who do we see? The nice elderly couple we met on the ferry from Pireaus to Sifnos. They were sitting opposite to us in the ferry and were enjoying the sight of my kids keeping themselves busy with mobiles and laptops. Special note: so were they! Serifos was their favorite island and they went there every year. Think they were from Italy. We chatted with them and told them about our stay in Sifnos. They left before us and when I wanted to grab the check, it was already paid for! Nice encounter…