See through church

reading between the lines churhc, borgloon, belgium

reading between the lines churhc, borgloon, belgium

Contrast of churches

I found this little gem in a neighboring village by accident. By accident, as it popped by on Pinterest while I was browsing iconic things to go and see. In my backyard?? Yes. So off I went to track it down.

I found a place to park my car in one of the streets nearby, although it could be part of some local hiking paths. Thank you Google Maps for helping identify a nearby parking spot. This piece of art got created as part of ‘pit’, a project of Z33 – house of contemporary art (Hasselt), targeted at bringing art in the public space. The whole idea of Z33 is to have the public start thinking about and looking at everyday things in a different way.


reading between the lines churhc, borgloon, belgium

Looking up

This “Reading between the lines church” does this well I think. It contrasts with the cows in the forefront and the typical landscape. On the other hand it blends in with the church in the distance looking at its overall contour. Maybe this piece of art was put here for the amusement of the cows, not us. Give them some entertainment and distraction of tourists and hikers. Who is watching who now…





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Reading Between the Lines Church

Contemporary art project aiming at having people think about usual objects in an unusual way. Located in Borgloon, Belgium.