Arizona Trip – Bob the Builder and Cowgirl

Monument valley

Monument valley bob the builder works

Bob the Builder on site

This one was also on my list for a long time: Monument Valley. This Arizona road trip really covers a lot of bucket list items…

The scenic driveway is a road according to the plan. Yes, but rather a dirt road. And construction was going on when I was there. It was just such a weird and contrasting view to see the Bob the Builder CAT machine on a backdrop of an old Western. This puts a smile on my face. What are the odds of getting this on camera?

Also saw Mustangs along the way: a shiny red one, and many with brown shades. Water and grass is brought in from 30 miles away, the guys where saying. Why don’t they tap the water from the hotel at the entrance of the park?


Mustang Monument Valley

Polar and I

I forgot to ask, or maybe they were just trying to get donations.

Obviously, I needed to do one of those horseback rides, like a real cowgirl in a Western. Yep. Polar was my horse, a lighter one. He looked at me with its snout green from the grass it had been eating. Super relaxed horse – luckily. Two things to remember: gas is squeezing the heels to the torso, brake is pulling the rope firmly towards you. Left, pulling the rope on the left side and right vice versa. Must work. Off we go. No need for the instructions, as Polar followed the guide blindly. Probably thinking, here we go again for a dull right to “the tumb”, cheap bastards, only money for half an hour, no possibility for a draf or gallop. (I only had cash for 30 minutes, would have gone longer otherwise). I liked it a lot.


Monument valleyBy closing time, the horses are let lose for the night, when they can roam around as in the early days.

Except for Ash and its mother, they stay safely locked in. Ash is a cute mouse gray newborn.

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