Arizona Trip – Man, Arizona is vast and desolate

Arizona Navajo Monument Valley

Arizona Navajo country

Passing through Navajo country

You only understand how vast and desolate Arizona is when you cross from West to East, from Page to Monument Valley. Grand Canyon to Page is nothing compared to that. Absolute nothingness. Desolate desert with bushes. Cars passing by going somewhere, not sure where. Especially the pick up trucks made me wonder as they seemed to be owned by the locals. On the most unexpected places, signs pop up: School Bus Stop ahead. ??? My God, where do these kids live and where is that school? Hidden?

Internet is still an issue, no fiber at the Grand Canyon, as it is squeezed between the canyon itself and tribal land.

I was keeping the cruise control firm on the speed limit, really wanting to avoid movie-like scenes where a police car would all of a sudden appear from behind

Arizona Navajo no cash no fuel

No filling up here

a bush.

The local pick up trucks completely ignored that speed limit. Apparently, that doesn’t always end up well either… In the middle of nowhere, a police car, fire truck, ambulance. A bumper and pieces of car on the road. But no sign of the car itself. People staring in the ravine. Guess they found it.

If you don’t look at the road and electricity cables, it must have looked quite similar to 100’s of years ago, I guess. And that makes you wonder how people could ever survive in this rough country.

You also better fuel up when you can before leaving any city or big village, it can take a long while before you get to a next gas station. Especially in the heart of Navajo land, you are also lucky if the station has any gas at all.

Grocery store in Kayenta, Arizona

Grocery store in Kayenta

Next to that, don’t count on using credit cards. Cash only.

And cash you should also grab whenever you can, especially BEFORE leaving a bigger town like Page. I noticed a “check cashing counter” in a (or better “the”) supermarket in Kayenta. Probably means that bank accounts and internet banking is not that big here?

But then looking into that one supermarket at Kayenta… this is definitely used as a place to buy in big quantities as the trip to get there is something the residents most probably will not do every day.

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