petrified forest np arizona
petrified forest np

Valley dotted with petrified logs

Difficulty in getting up and waking up. That’s not a good sign. My vowels are protesting – luckily I have that pink medicine with me (horrible taste). A bit feverish. So instead of heading towards Canyon de Chelly, I headed back into bed. A good sleep will get me back on my feet.

Three hours later and feeling a little better, I decided to skip Canyon de Chelly and head directly to the next stop Petrified Forest. By the time I got there, I was drained and had no energy left. The smell of food made me feel sick. What a pity, I looked forward to this and was not able to enjoy it now. The hikes I wanted to take, forget it. I did one, 1,6 miles, and that was more than enough for me today. A pity, Petrified Forest NP is beautiful and has some very nice sights.

petrified forest np

Dried and petrified

Still a long drive ahead to Flagstaff. I was getting more and more ill, and getting sleepy. Jeezess, still 40 miles to go. I pulled over to a rest area, and slept in my car for an hour. A bit refreshed. Made my way to the Econolodge University – the starting point of my trip. By the time I got there, blatter infection symptoms popped up again (yes AGAIN, 4 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago, I see a pattern). In Belgium I would go to my family doctor, but here in the US, how does that work? Left a message to my insurance company (it is 4 am at home), and drove to the hospital. Got my prescriptions, and in true US style, went to the drive through Pharmacy. I am all set now for my long long travel day home tomorrow.

petrieid forest np logs

Rolling down




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