Arizona Trip – Flying AA in between

lotus speculoos

I still don’t get it: boarding by group. I am part of Group 4, for whatever reason. Guess some sort of logic to board the people in the back first?
I am at 19A… Maybe I am just part of the least favorite customers? So, when I got on board, the logic would be visible right? No. People scattered allover the place.
Departing late of Phoenix, not sure if I will be able to get flight 3 out of 4 today. 25 minutes out of the 1h15 cut.
Decided to check out the entertainment they have onboard – flying economy today (been a bit spoiled by traveling so much for business…). Looks good… but you have to pay for it and watch it on your mobile/ laptop… . OK, moving on to the food and beverages. Mmm. Forget the low carb diet or health choices. I should have taken a decent breakfast before I left.
BUT then, the coffee arrives, and we get a nice cookie to go with it: LOTUS speculoos! I feel at home again. “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee”. No!! BELGIUM’s favorite cookie with coffee… Very happy now…

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