Arizona Trip – Heartwarming sympathy and chaos

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Arriving in Brussels

On March 22nd 2016, two terrorist attacks took place in Belgium. One in the entrance hall of the airport. One in Maalbeek metro stration.
Guess the whole population is shocked, disgusted and angry.
On several occasions during the last 2 weeks in the US, people were genuinely concerned and felt very connected to what happened in Belgium (and France in November). 9/11 is still very fresh in their minds. Even in the most remote places – like the Navajo Nation – people where very much aware of what had happened.

Getting to the US, was not as easy. Up to the day before departing to the US it was unclear if the flight to Chicago from Brussels was on, canceled or moved to alternative airports in Belgium or elsewhere. Luckily I called, as the airline didn’t inform me on any changes. “No, that flight is canceled”. Yes? and so? How will you bring me to my destination? 15 minutes of music later I got re-booked through Antwerp and Zurich… with a 4 hour waiting time in Zurich.

Getting back you would have figured that everything would have settled down, no? or if not I would get an email AS AGREED in the previous call? I called a week before my return: “everything is fine, the flight to Brussels is still on”. I called the night before “no, that flight is canceled, but we got you re-booked on the one to Frankfurt and then to Brussels”. That was progress, but I would have appreciated to be informed, as I needed to coordinate my ride back home from Brussels, and having someone wait for 1,5 hours because I would be arriving with a different flight?
Hope this all settles soon. Although now the air traffic control is on strike…