Arizona Trip – Still is a weird setting, a night flight

The older I am getting the more fond I am on my privacy. I am more conscious about myself. I have a sleep disorder and have 2 options: snore and stop breathing 48 times an hour, or sleep with a machine and mask that pushes air under pressure through my throat. Either way, embarrassing. I don’t like people to see which movie I am watching. And as I am a fast crier at any romantic movie, I don’t like people to see that either. At home they are used to it, but in public… no. I don’t like people watching me eat, fast or a lot. It is my business.

So, here I am on the plane back home. Flying business – thank God, they have power outlets, so no snoring tonight. Sitting next to a guy early thirties, who apparently lives in Chicago, but is from Zagreb, and flies back every month (he must make a fortune, these tickets don’t come cheap). Friendly guy, nothing weird about him. Up to the moment I noticed he is taking a picture of himself with myself fully nicely framed next to him in that picture. ?@#@!. I am still shocked. And then you are laying next to the voyeur for the rest of the night. I didn’t close my eyes. You never know when he would accidentally wrap his arms around you or thouch you in places you don’t want to be touched by a stranger. Probably all in my head, and still a nice guy, but Way too close for comfort. I put on my mask, that will scare him away…

O no, he just scratched his private area! Maybe I should have closed my eyes and go to sleep earlier.