Scotland Trip – Fairy wonderland

I read mixed reviews on the Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye. I don’t understand. I find it very lovely here, with the glowing pointy hills, dotted with sheep that draw patterns in the grass  by using the same routes again and again. Clearly the sheep are the kings here, on select vantage points they overlook those silly tourists making their way for the hike. Absolutely lovely.

scotland, isle of skye, fairy glen, sheep

Calling the sheep

scotland isle of skye fairy glen

King of the castle

After a little hike and passing a "grass" bridge

After a short hike and passing a “grass” bridge







We chose the right moment for this short hike. By the time we were back at our car, it started to rain and didn’t stop for the remainder of the day… Guess you need to be a little lucky at times.

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