Murals in Hasselt

After admiring the murals in Flagstaff (USA), I found out there are dozens in my home town Hasselt as well… I moved out of Hasselt more than a decade ago and live 15 kms to the South (BIG move, I know…). So years in a row we tend to take the same road into the city. And all of a sudden you realize that something seems to have changed… was this here last week?…  beautiful art on the walls of the small building next to the road. I found out it is there already for 2 years… This mural was initiated by a street art organization which coordinates all sorts of street art happenings with resulting wall art. I found a map with plotting of the sites. I checked them out yesterday… part 1… so many I could not do them in the time I had available.

A selection…


Sofles at Langveldstraat 1, Hasselt

Matt Adnate - at Langveldstraat 1, Hasselt

Matt Adnate – at Langveldstraat 1, Hasselt

Inti - at Schipperstraat

Inti – at Schipperstraat


Roa - at Vaartstraat, on the "Mouttoren"

Roa – at Vaartstraat, on the “Mouttoren”


Smug – at the parking lot of Koningin Astridlaan


BELIN and Flaxtl (the girl) and Robin Nas (the cameleon), at Schoolstraat

More info on “streetartfestivalbelgium” and some more pictures at the Flickr album of the city.

Check out the pictures: