From mass tourism annoyances, men behaving badly through absolute stunning places and our first Holi. Jaipur […]
My friend probably rates this place a 11 on 10 due to 2 things… the ceremonies […]
Not sure how I tracked this place down, but it was a real find: Lakshman Sagar.
While I am reflecting on this post of Udaipur there seems to be only one thing […]
Tucked away. Guess that best describes this region around Kumbhalgarh. Nicely hidden from the outside world […]
I must admit, we intentionally made a detour for this one…
Before we even get to the long drive from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, we offended already multiple […]
The last set of memories of Jaisalmer, unless we go again :).
We ended up in the fort today. Weird how it doesn’t “feel” like a fort once […]
At the time it felt that we didn’t see enough of the city, but looking back […]