Tucked away. Guess that best describes this region around Kumbhalgarh. Nicely hidden from the outside world and herds of tourists.

Some serious history with a fort dating back to the 15th century, when somehow this massive fort was built on a 1100 m hill, extremely difficult to conquer and 38 km – yes! – of walls protecting the premises. Quite a hike to get all the way up, but what a nice scenery along the climb. I really like it when you can wander where ever you want, looking in every corner and nook and taking your time. No one hassling you. Guess that’s because I had it almost to myself and for vendors it is not very effective targeting places where not many people come along…

I don’t know it at this moment but the “having an attraction or place to ourselves” will soon be something from the past… as we make our way to Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra…

There was not much to see along the roads in this area. “Not much” in the sense of no villages or buildings. This is a rural area with more water buffalo’s than cows, a lot of monkeys and women colorfully dressed working the land. We pass by some beautiful and lush valleys, a weird camel doing yoga in the middle of the road, a goat herder beamed up from a few centuries ago and for the first time in my life I spot a mongoose.

Not that my friend notices this, as she is still recovering from being ill and has converted the back seat – yet again – into a sleeping bed.

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