Not sure how I tracked this place down, but it was a real find: Lakshman Sagar.

After the surprise birthday cake in Udaipur we are on our way to our next stop, Raipur (the one in Rajasthan). A pitstop I really have been looking forward to. I expect it to be a little oasis of nature and peacefulness.

We are almost there when Babu stops for a pharmacy. He seems to have enjoyed the Whiskey we bought for his birthday yesterday a bit too much. The Dafalgan Forte we gave him has lost its effect by now… I notice that my friend and our driver Babu are getting more and more agitated throughout the trip. I don’t understand, I am enjoying the ride and don’t mind the little hick ups during our trip. Only afterwards I know that they have been trying to arrange a special celebration for me in the resort and that proved to be very difficult. Hence the frustration.

We get onto a dirtroad… mmm… are we still on the right track? Yes, we are. This is the very long driveway to our secluded resort, which sits within old hunting grounds. What a brilliant place, so quiet, so relaxed, so nicely renovated. We have our own little cottage with private pool overlooking the central lake. We hear and see the large numbers of peacocks living here. This is definitely the little oasis we had in mind. We are so excited!

Why? Why? Why? … did we only book one night here? Why? What was I thinking?!?! Note to myself: “Don’t make same mistake. If brilliant accommodation, stay at least 2 nights… AT LEAST!”

In any case, the nature guide is picking us up for the nature walk around the premises. We see a lot of birds and some sort of deer. We promise ourselves we will do that walk again the next morning.

A lot of frustration, but they pulled it off… the special celebration and a home made (organic as everything here) carrot cake. We are being treated as royals here. We end our evening at the rooftop terrace on one of these lazy beds. One of the friendly staff members brings us a bell. We look at him and don’t understand. “When you need something, or when you want to go back to your cottage.” Why would we need them for going to our cottage? Their attentive service includes waiting for us – as long as it takes, even if it is past their bed time – and lightening the footpath to our cottage with their torches. Definitely being pampered here.

I get up really early to see the sun rise and the peacocks take over the airspace above the lake. I had beaten the staff to it. When they notice, they hurry up to bring me a chai tea. What a great place this is. I really don’t want to leave…

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