Cocky as I am I thought this one would be completely overrated…. NOT!

Only for a few weeks every year there is this forest in Belgium – the Hallerbos – that turns into fairytale woods . My initial reaction was “yeah right, probably some patches of flowers here and there. It is probably overrated…” I was so wrong… a full hill with a blue carpet of wild hyacinths.

DSC_7260 dark_01 DSC_7308 dark DSC_7314 dark_01 DSC_6958 dark

So off we went my dad and I for a nice trip. It is about 125 km from where I live, passing around Brussels all the way to the West side. Easy enough to find, a bit more difficult to understand where you are walking compared to the map. We are 15 minutes in when I realize my camera is doing something different today… why is it saying “demo view”? … there is no memory card in my camera. How can I be so stupid? My spare ones are still in my special container from my last trip… and here we are so far away from home, going back and “get them” is not really an option. Luckily (or in hindsight maybe not, because I think the code of my car has been cracked on that parking and the day after my car was ripped apart on my drive way) we found a new SD one in a grocery store 5 kms back.

Once back we are trying to look for the most beautiful parts of the woods. By accident we decided on the right lefts and rights following the blue glow. I never thought it would be so overwhelming. Really special place. The pictures are monochrome though… blue :).

So… if you ever are in the neigbourhood mid to end of April… you know what to do (check out their website first for close monitoring of evolution of the flower carpet!)

Another item on my local bucket list checked off!






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