Rajasthan Trip – Jodhpur

Before we even get to the long drive from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, we offended already multiple people unknowingly and my friend almost got ran over. Still it was great.

Offending people (unknowingly)

We are normally quite attentive to not hurt anyone’s feeling, but that day we really started off badly… We were so thrilled with our hotel in the desert, the staff were so friendly and accommodating. My friend was so enchanted by the dress the guard was wearing, it reminded her of the fairytale of Ali Baba. Ĺittle did she know that calling or comparing someone with Ali Baba is as big of an insult as telling that someone is Hitler. Luckily Babu, our driver, told her in time for her to extensively apologize, which she did.
That would NEVER happen to me, as I am less outgoing than she is… While thinking this I am putting my feet on the dashboard in order to get ready for that long drive… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There is a little shrine on the dashboard! I have offended the gods big time. I feel so bad. I will never forget the face of Babu. I think he was contemplating throwing me out… And so, me aswell, started to extensively apologize.

Cuddling baby camels

I can’t get enough of the animals on and beside the roads. While we are making our way past the area of Bab, we see a herd of camels including very small ones. STOP! We want to see this upclose obviously. How cute does it get! Only a few days old and already this tall. They were just finishing their afternoon nap after lunch. The mums are not as exciting as we are though.This type of encounters make us so happy…

Mehrangarh Fort

Sometimes you just get a good vibe at a place. For us Mehrangarh Fort was one of these places. We arrived quite late in the afternoon, so it was not as crowdy as throughout the day, always a big plus in our books. This fort is so impressive! The steep high walls emphasize the importance. We make our way to the temple at the end. But before we do that we find the mojris we have been looking for! Soft, good quality, beautiful and good price traditional shoes. YES.

As we are strolling and being stunned by the views over the blue city, we notice an already very familiar sight… people taking pictures of something behind us which isn’t there… I am so happy that my friend suggests them to take a joint picture if that’s what they are after. Big smiles and smartphones being handed over. I escape to continue to take pictures as the light is perfect for taking pictures so late in the day. I see my friend is being given instructions by the man of the family “glasses on” “glasses off”… o jeezzz they know what they want. I had found a nice spot to sit and watch through the fort wall down to the city and the sunset when I notice bodies getting really close to me. What is this?? A couple of the smiley guys from earlier on where squeezing themselves in that nice spot next, on and in front of me. They must have thought it would make a great picture and as my friend was patient and nice, I would by proxy be as well, right? Hilarious!

Finally a bling store

We finally managed to get into town. While I was still selecting herbs, I noticed I lost my friend. Where did she go? That wasn’t difficult to find out… the first bling shop to the left. Her face lit up. This was her kind of store. I found mine in Jaisalmer… all silver jewelry, she found hers… cheap bling, she couldn’t be happier with such good deals. I try one on and break it. Guess the store doesn’t like me…

We want to see blue!


My friend got ill by the end of our first day, so we had a quiet evening. The next day she is still under the weather, but we will and shall see blue houses! Not sure they understood what we wanted and especially why, but we arrive with our tuktuk in an area with a lot of blue houses. Yeah… just as we pictured it.

Jaswant Thada


What a nice place this is. First of all, everybody needs to know: this place has the cleanest and nicely smelling toilets of all and any attraction we have visited and will ever visit in India. Very much appreciated! It also has a cute little coffee shop, there was not too much people around, it has great views of the fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace. Nice.

But the most fun part was the visit to the main tomb. This really sounds weird as I write it down like that… you will understand why soon. We get welcomed by a nice smiley man in white who looks proud to be hosting guests here. He explains some stuff and goes outside to take pictures of us hanging outside the window. He is infatuated by my friend’s crystal-blue eyes. He looks into her eyes, and gets closer, and closer, up to the moment that even for my friend it is becoming awkward. We have landed in a movie like Prince of Arabia or something, where the woman gets whisked away by the tanned prince on the white horse…  So, as he had made clear my friend is the foreign princess, he looks at me and then looks at the paintings on the walls. “You look like a Maharani. Look at the pictures! You are not Indian? Sure? But look at the pictures! really sure?” Not to my knowledge. As I look at the pictures, I see people looking like me: big bulgy dark eyes, wavy dark hair, shape of face… this is weird.

We are getting ready to hit the road, when a colleague driver of Babu’s pulls next to him to say hi. While they are talking, I notice the guy is really looking at me and I feel they are talking about me. They were… “Look at her eyes, look at her eyes!” “She looks like the Prime Minister of Rajasthan!” Wow… I must look extremely important here… very strange feeling.