What to do in between travel?

Being bored? Or jump into my other hobby Photography.

In these off-months between travel… I “process” my travel pics into super-deluxe-albums (since my discovery of Darktable this takes even more time, but love the results!), I write my posts for this blog (boy, I am behind – I haven’t written yet about my special birthday, the relentless men in Udaipur half our age chasing us down even into the boat, the paradise we found in Raipur, the massive crowds in Jaipur, our first holi, and losing my patience in line for the Taj Mahal), I plan my next trip (done, except for the cute, personalized, all-in-one travelguides I make for the trip) and I go on photo expeditions closeby.

I have finished a series of photography classes I wanted to do and really liked the interaction with and looking at the work of my co-fanatics. But that is over now… No-one to criticize or like my pictures anymore.

And then I came across… GuruShots…

Man this is addictive!! Maybe because I am a bit competitive… You can enter a max of 4 pictures per challenge. This alone is already difficult for me and a continuous learning point: triage and some more and more. There is an anonymous voting system to select the pictures you feel best fit with the challenge, are the most appealing, or you just find intriguing. Instant feedback of a massive a mount of users. Brilliant! Love it! If you want to join – it is free unless you buy additional “swaps”, “keys” or “autofills” – click on my link: GretelGoesPlaces on GuruShots and we both get a free bundle of goodies to play the game!