The final leg of this great little escapade I did back in August 2018…
So, on that particular day in August 2018 I left la Fortuna for Monteverde, or more specifically Santa Elena, the next village. It was that type of jeep-boat-jeep transfer which was the most effective and most commonly used route available. That last part of the transfer was so hilarious … well, in my mind anyways. So, we approach the made-shift harbor, which is in essence is just a shore, two movable stairs to get everyone off-boarded, a string of minivans with a number assigned – which actually cannot make a U-turn on the small dirt-road and the first one will have to wait until all cars behind it have pulled back uphill – and then a herd of people with suitcases not knowing where to go. No buildings, no stalls, no houses, … nothing…. so, once the cars and boats are gone, you wouldn’t know it was a harbor. I get into minivan number 6, the coolest of them all. I look inside and see a (very) young guy as my driver. I take the best seat in front of the van and within the first sentences exchanged I recognize the beautiful naivety of this nineteen year old full of dreams and hormones. Joseph doesn’t waste time to start talking to me… he would love to go to South-Korea, he really loves those Asian beautiful girls, he loves tattoos “look at this one, it is the name of my mother” (I see the date printed next to it shows that his mum is actually two years younger than me), he is studying to be a mechanic, his father is the owner of the transportation company – and this car is his favorite one in the fleet… I could have figured that…
After the string of minivans all stop for lunch at the same place, I get back to the car. Joseph’s eyes are twinkling “I met the most beautiful girl just now, and she lives in Monteverde! I never felt like this before! O my God!” “So you went to talk to her, right?” “no, but I will search for her on Facebook”. Guess the Asian girls have been kicked off their throne…
I get installed in my B&B and get ready for my Night walk in Curi Cancha¬† and hope to see again different type of animals. The walk was magical… thunder, wind and lightning… but the rain doesn’t get to the forest floor immediately, the dense roof of leaves shields it off. Sounds everywhere. There is even an animal that sounds like a mobile phone, and I can tell you, it was NOT a phone. The walk didn’t even start when I see something that I would have called a giant rat: an agoeti. There are many beautiful strangling fig-trees which remind me of Angkor Wat. For me this is the most beautiful forest of my trip with neatly kept trails that feel like carpets under my feet. I am getting good in spotting crickets by now. I love it, but guess most people prefer frogs and other exotic moving things. A little bit further into the otherwise dark woods and while the night sky is still being angry, I see little shimmering lights… fireflies! Ok, now the forest is officially enchanted!
At the end of the hike, the guide knows a nest of a Costa Rican Orange-kneed tarantula. We wriggle a little stick into the hole…. correction, the guide does, I wouldn’t go near! He succeeds to get the spider out and I convince him to put his hand next to it so I have a picture that shows the relative size to a hand.
It was a lovely B&B I stayed at with a young owner Roy who knows how to make delicious pizza!
By 6 am the next day I am back on my feet and ready to go. It rains again this morning – duhuh… RAINforest – and it looks like it will not stop anytime soon. Roy escorts me to the “bus stop” 100 meter down the road. I am confused. It is just a random place next to the road without any sign. He had informed the public bus driver that he had a passenger at this “bus stop”. And there he was. The roads are kinda bumpy and quite steep. I arranged a tour in the Santa Elena cloud forest. This is again a complete different biotope. The sand particles that are being carried by the wind are constantly being soaked down by the mist – which I think is wonderful, not suffering from allergies here! – enabling all sorts of moss and plants to grow a layer onto the tree branches and through this create extra “soil” in the forest. During this little hike alone we spotted 26 different types of birds, some more colorful than others. Just the searching and scanning the environment is fun as such. Halfway the trip my camera started to suffer from the damp, so finished with the picture taking. Luckily there was a drying room in the information center.
Back to the B&B I heat up the other part of last night’s pizza and get a nice, hot coco with the local spirit Cacique to “warm up again”. Wonderful, and it is not even lunch time. I take a short nap in the hammock in the terrace before I get picked up for the “Sky Walk”, a walk through the forest and across suspension bridges above and through the forest canopy. I am pretty sure I booked a self guided tour, so was pleasantly surprised when they told me my guide was Eluise. There would be two other people joining, but never showed up. I got a private guided tour for the price of the entrance only… Cool! Again, what a superhike with again a complete different set of animals. The weirdest ones were some sort of blue tiger beetles with a beautiful drawing on their armor.
I just got dropped off at the B&B, when Roy was going to show the other guests “the big fig tree” and if I wanted to join. Obviously! Ok, seriously… this is the most gigantic tree I have ever seen – beside a sequoia – you could climb into all the way to the top.

The very last little trip I wanted to treat myself on was again a night walk in a different reservation. And who do I see there? People I had met in La Fortuna… small world…

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