A brilliantly unexpected start to our 2019 Sri Lanka adventure.
If we don’t get it by nature, we will make our own winter wonder land… our […]
Another medical trip to Brussels today. Little do we know it will be one of our […]
We have such a lovely autumn this year and I was contemplating where I should be […]
I have to be in Brussels for medical tests every so many weeks. To make it […]
What have I done? What was I thinking? I arranged for ziplining in Aviemore, to do […]
Get me close to animals and I am happy. And this time we would get to […]
scotland inverness
This¬† is something we didn’t expect. We really liked the vibe of Inverness.
scotland loch ness
You can’t go to Scotland without having a look at Loch Ness. So we did.
Why? Why can’t we make pictures inside the castle, even after paying a steep entrance fee?