Next stop on our all day boat trip: Fingal’s cave at Staffa Island. Another item on […]
Still on Lunga. My friend comes back from a hike with my son, while I was […]
This was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip, something that I had looked forward […]
We booked a boat trip to Lunga and Staffa isles near the Isle of Mull. In […]
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This real first day of the trip¬† – and not the arriving day which in my […]
We didn’t plan much time here in Edinburgh as a result of some compromises. The idea […]
Before even getting on the plane to Edinburgh we got our doses of stress and annoyance.
How was Venice last spring? Great. Want to do it again. Here’s why…
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After a long day of work, finally escaped the office. Some colleagues are contemplating to “just […]
The older I am getting the more fond I am on my privacy. I am more […]