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Not sure how I tracked this place down, but it was a real find: Lakshman Sagar.
We have such a lovely autumn this year and I was contemplating where I should be […]
What have I done? What was I thinking? I arranged for ziplining in Aviemore, to do […]
You would have thought it would be easy to spot herds of Highland Cows in Scotland. […]
After a whole day of rain it is time to play and the sheep are apparently […]
Scotland isle of skye coral beach
Cows on the beach. Yeah, right. As if. Left my high hopes in the car when […]
I read mixed reviews on the Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye. I don’t understand. […]
Our four headed search party is ready for it. The tide is mid way and on […]
Arrived at Isle of Skye yesterday. Good weather then but too tired to do anything anymore. […]
scotland ben nevis fort william hike
Real hard climb… not. We took the gondola up. Found the Nevis Range Mountain Experience easily. […]

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