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Before we even get to the long drive from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, we offended already multiple […]
The last set of memories of Jaisalmer, unless we go again :).
We ended up in the fort today. Weird how it doesn’t “feel” like a fort once […]
At the time it felt that we didn’t see enough of the city, but looking back […]
My God, we really loved this place! I had a hunch it would be the case […]
By accident I came across this place – Khichan – somewhere between Bikaner and Jaisalmer. The […]
India, Rajasthan, Deshnok, Rat Tempel, Gretel Goes Places
“And then we will visit a rat temple.” I said when we were planning the trip.  […]
Bikaner Rajasthan, on the road, Gretel Goes Places
I love to cruise through this part of Rajasthan… At first sight desolate, but let’s be […]
How can I explain the great impression we have of Mandawa?
Yes, landed in Delhi! Our road trip will start soon… everything went smooth up to now, […]