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How could I not try to create equally awesome memories for my own kids? Enter the […]
This year it was the second relaunch of the yearly tradition to have a bit of […]
alcabaza malaga spain
It could have been anywhere in Europe, but it ended up to be in Malaga, Spain […]
Didn’t really felt like taking this business trip. It was going to be tiring during the […]
Made it to Madrid on one of the only planes not being canceled due to the […]
Last day of our city trip to Barcelona!
After the first long day in Barcelona and a very good night sleep we woke up […]
Our yearly city trip second edition took us to Barcelona. After our trip to Venice, our […]
Not sure if the weather has understood that spring has arrived as I still am cold […]
Cocky as I am I thought this one would be completely overrated…. NOT!