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The older I am getting the more fond I am on my privacy. I am more […]
pioenroos boeket
On March 22nd 2016, two terrorist attacks took place in Belgium. One in the entrance hall […]
lotus speculoos
I still don’t get it: boarding by group. I am part of Group 4, for whatever […]
petrified forest np arizona
Difficulty in getting up and waking up. That’s not a good sign. My vowels are protesting […]
Monument valley
This one was also on my list for a long time: Monument Valley. This Arizona road […]
Arizona Navajo Monument Valley
You only understand how vast and desolate Arizona is when you cross from West to East, […]
As it was “on my way” I visited the Navajo National Monument. Not a big park […]
Yesterday Taylor our guide told us that the morning light is actually better, you get more […]
When you are in Page, you need to go and look at the Horseshoe Bend. Obviously. […]
Which one to do the Lower or Upper? The upper canyon would give very nice light […]