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Love it when those last minute opportunities to travel arise.
The final leg of this great little escapade I did back in August 2018… So, on […]
Second leg of my Costa Rican trip back in August 2018. With this Covid 19-lockdown I […]
I had to be in Costa Rica for work and as I’d better be awake and […]
alcabaza malaga spain
It could have been anywhere in Europe, but it ended up to be in Malaga, Spain […]
Didn’t really felt like taking this business trip. It was going to be tiring during the […]
The older I am getting the more fond I am on my privacy. I am more […]
pioenroos boeket
On March 22nd 2016, two terrorist attacks took place in Belgium. One in the entrance hall […]
lotus speculoos
I still don’t get it: boarding by group. I am part of Group 4, for whatever […]
petrified forest np arizona
Difficulty in getting up and waking up. That’s not a good sign. My vowels are protesting […]

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